Monday, June 6, 2011

Linkpad's Story

My name is Eric, and I am the creator of

Back in college, I used to keep all my favorites (or 'bookmarks' in firefox parlance) not in the browser, but on an HTML file on my computer. One day, I uploaded it to, which is still up today. Occulens has been my Firefox homepage for thee years. It was convenient to have all my most-used links on a webpage I could access from any computer. But editing the page was a pain. I would have to sign into my server and edit an HTML file each time to make an edit. And if I made a typo, I could break the formatting of the entire page. It was a messy way to implement a fairly simple solution. So I finally decided it was time to create a web service that automated the process of editing and displaying your favorites. And was born.

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