Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Feature: Bookmarklet

Now you can add any page to your Linkpad by clicking a button on your browser bar. To do this:
  1. Log into Linkpad, and click "Edit" in the upper right
  2. Hover over the Star icon
  3. When the popup appears, drag the blue "Add to Linkpad" box to your favorites bar.
  4. Navigate to any site, and click the "Add to Linkpad" button in your browser bar. The new page will be added to your Linkpad.
Internet Explorer Users: To make this work, you'll need to add Linkpad to your trusted sites.

  1. Open "Tools" > "Internet Options." 
  2. On the "Privacy" tab, click "Sites."
  3.  In the window that appears, enter "" and click "Add." 
  4. Click OK several times.

Happy Linkpadding!

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